Bageriet is the Swedish word meaning The Bakery.

The Pastry chef

My career in pastry started when I was 20 years old and I began three years of excellent training at the HRS school in Gothenburg, Sweden, including a year of work experience in a professional bakery.

As with many passionate chefs, a foodie mother or grandparent inspired them to choose their profession. In this case my mother and especially so my grandmother, Harriet Karlsson, lit the spark in me. She was an extraordinary good cook and sweet maker. I cherish what she taught me and still use some of her biscuit recipes.

Being a baker or pastry chef is a wonderful profession if you are passionate. For me, it is a real joy to create sweets, cakes, bread, etc.

I came to London and England because I was curious of the British culture, which in these of my first four years I’ve grown to love. Now, I want to realise my dream to share the passion of my craft and the wonderful Swedish cake tradition of which I am very proud.

Daniel Karlsson

Daniel Karlsson